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I'm a writer, "retired" pageant queen and overall creative originally from Kansas. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English from Princeton University with certificates in Creative Writing, African American Studies, and Gender and Sexuality Studies. My experience ranges from corporate and community fundraising to digital marketing and script coverage/analysis. 

My writing abilities stretch from lifestyle writing and interviews to creative prose and screenwriting. I'm also adept at writing clear, adaptive copy, particularly with a focus in digital marketing and media.

For inquiries, please email


Community Manager 
Blackbird Labs | 2023 - present

Writer, Digital Creator
2018- present

Social Media Coordinator 

Princeton English Department | 2020-2022

Script Reader
Eclectic Pictures | 2020

Digital Fellow 
Cory Booker 2020 | 2019

Community Fundraising
Smile Train | 2019

Miss Teen USA 

Miss Universe Organization | 2018-2019

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