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  • Nassau Weekly

The Man in my Oven

July, 2019

This poem was published in the Nassau Weekly.

here in my little tiny studio

sleeping just a ways over from my

oven and

there is a

tapping sound

i know

i hear him but

i'm frozen in that

state where my brain has just

remembered every thing in the

universe and how you made my

heart ache last night.

there is someone in my

oven trying

desperately to

get out and

maybe he is going to march

across our room and pull the

pins out of my heart and

maybe he is going to jump on my

trampoline chest and loosen

the springs until they

snap and

maybe he is going to fall onto

the hard grass and crush the

flowers that barely cover

my withering love.

Or maybe he will just get out of the oven

and walk out of the door.

and I will get out of the bed

bake something.

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